Hiring process does not end with an offer. This is only the beginning

Everybody is fighting for the best talent. Paypeople HR Software in Pakistan helps you manage offers quickly and assists in keeping candidates interested both before and after they join.

Offer Management - Cloud Payroll and HR Software in Pakistan


Automated offer distribution procedure

A minor lapse in managing multiple job posting releases can cost you candidates. With Paypeople’s redesigned offer management process, you can automate and speed up your job offer process by reducing the time it takes for inter-departmental approval.

Offer Management - Cloud Payroll and HR Software in Pakistan
Offer Management - Cloud Payroll and HR Software in Pakistan


No need for a finance person
to create an accurate salary breakdown

Candidates are constantly curious to see how their actual compensation is broken down. Paypeople Hire produces a precise and thorough wage breakdown because of its interface with our powerful HR Payroll Software in Pakistan. Without the aid of a finance professional or an excel sheet calculator, create the desired pay breakdown on your own using custom forms.


Before making an offer, request
documents and pay stubs

Paypeople Hire allows you to configure and request different preboarding documents for each candidate. HR Software in Pakistan Collect previous pay stubs, educational records, and other documents from the candidate ahead of time to ensure a smooth and timely offer release process.

Offer Management - Cloud Payroll and HR Software in Pakistan

With the support of PayPeople, we were able to manage our 15,000 employees with simplicity, which was a significant step forward in our digital transformation path.

Tufail Gill

Vice President HR


Templates for offer letters
for various roles

Making the candidate take notice of your job offer letter is just as crucial as any other hiring process. Examine attractive, flexible offer letter templates for a range of positions. Choose from the pre-defined templates or create your own, fill it up with the essential job details, and send it to the applicant right away.

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