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If you are having a small enterprise, business or firm and you are not using any reliable, comprehend and easy payroll software, then sign up with PayPeople#1 Payroll Software in Pakistan which is referred to as very first free HR payroll software for small enterprises and companies. It helps to make the payroll process easy and simple. Its best feature is to free sign up with PayPeople or it offers a free subscription for the customers. It manages the payroll summaries of the employs free of paperwork. You can add manually or by uploading the data into the employs sheet.


Handles all employ data

Free Payroll software is a golden opportunity for companies who want to transit their small businesses from traditional payroll and accounting methods like hard book-keeping.This software handles the employs data easily as per manually and uploading the employee’ excel data file. This sheet manages the employees’ basic information; like ID number, designation, location of the company and department. It offers a comprehensive, secure and robust HR Payroll process for the customers.


Easy to fetch payroll summary

It has an organized system to cover all the business heads and employee levels in your company. It is very easy to manage for the business managers and HR members on a day to day basis if needed. It offers one-click payroll processing for the month. It has all the compliance and regulatory systems features and options needed in payroll software. And all of this free. It is easy to manage all the deductions like late-in, leave deduction, tax, TDS.


Save and update the employs’ records

It can easily save and update the employs’ record 

It can easily create employs’ profiles

It can make easy and comprehensive dashboards

It can create ‘print card’ for the employees for easy check-in

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