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Both the talent landscape and the methods for applying for jobs are changing. With Paypeople’s Applicant Tracking System in Pakistan, you can enjoy future-proof hiring, from luring qualified individuals to ensuring their smooth onboarding.

Applicant Tracking System in Pakistan - Karachi Lahore Islamabad

Organize your applicant pool

To match candidates to pertinent positions in your organization that may become available
in the future, develop your talent pool and stays in touch with potential hires.

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Find the best candidates

Reviewing many resumes for a job posting can be tedious and painful. Paypeople Recruitment Management Software in Pakistan  recruits the best candidates by posting precise job descriptions and objectives on popular job sites and social media platforms.

Applicant Tracking System in Pakistan - Karachi Lahore Islamabad
Applicant Tracking System in Pakistan - Karachi Lahore Islamabad


Consider the hiring process for
each role to be a project

Building and maintaining intricate spreadsheets shouldn’t be necessary for managing and tracking candidate progress for each role. You can always see where you stand and how close you are to closing the position with a project management approach.


Check for the essential abilities

To determine whether candidates are qualified and talented enough for the specific tasks in your firm, provide pre-employment tests to them. Look over a candidate’s test score and qualifying status in a flash.

Applicant Tracking System in Pakistan - Karachi Lahore Islamabad
Applicant Tracking System in Pakistan - Karachi Lahore Islamabad


A scorecard to help you make better hiring decisions

Utilizing a scorecard will help you make decisions about moving a prospect on to the next hiring stage more quickly. View test results on scorecards and provide feedback on any potential improvisational opportunities.


Take full advantage of your
job board

Push your job vacancies to numerous websites using Paypeople HR Software in Pakistan application tracking system, and keep track of the applications you receive. Examine the job posting from above to identify any gaps in the hiring procedure.

Applicant Tracking System in Pakistan - Karachi Lahore Islamabad
Applicant Tracking System in Pakistan - Karachi Lahore Islamabad


Insights to keep you awake
and alert

Utilize quantifiable information and analytics related to your hiring situation to support your choices and strategies. Recognize the source of the bulk of your candidates at any given time. Examine the effectiveness of your job advertisements and develop a solid plan to improve your hiring procedure using the ATS system.


Make your interview schedules
more manageable

Interviews are important stages for both you and your candidate. Schedule the candidate’s interview with ease and leave a note to help them prepare for the meeting ahead of time.


Simple Requisition

Create straightforward requisition forms for open positions. Transparency can be improved by identifying and bringing approvers into the approval chain to help refine the form. A clear requisition document allows management to make quick decisions.


Make your offer letters unique

Paypeople HR and Payroll Software in Pakistan can take time to write an offer letter from scratch. Select one of our system’s pre-defined templates or modify it as necessary with candidate information, offer details, and required documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. It is a software/application that manages the entire hiring process in one place, including job postings, updates, interview scheduling, candidate resumes, status, and so on. It enables recruiters to efficiently speed up the hiring process.

It improves the organisation and structure of the recruitment industry. Each activity is managed in ATS, from job posting to employee onboarding. It automates the entire recruitment process, saving a significant amount of time and effort.

There are numerous Applicant Tracking Softwares on the market. Choose an ATS that is simple to use, has an online mobile application, and has strong data security.

Kanban for candidates: An easy way to see the status of applicant applications

Pre-employment exams: Pre-employment exams to evaluate applicants’ abilities

Scorecards: A quick look at test results and comments to assist in improving recruiting decisions.

Job boards: Post positions there and monitor them as they are distributed to various websites.

Reports and analytics: You may improve your decisions and strategies by using measurable facts and analytics from your hiring scenario.

A future-proof hiring process is offered by Paypeople’s applicant tracking system, from luring in talented candidates to guaranteeing a seamless onboarding process. It helps you to create your own talent pool and maintain contact with potential applicants so that you can match them to any future openings that may arise in your organisation that are pertinent to them.

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